Slaves of money

No greater insult or contempt has ever been visited on ordinary working people than the advent of waged work and stealing the fruits of the bulk of our labour and calling it profit. Organised labour has gained us many hard won concessions and protections, but even today a wage does not in any way represent the value of our labour, mind and body, it is the lesser share of the fruits of our labour, the rest is taken by the companies or bosses we work for, maximised for their own advantage [1]. No one better exemplifies this theft than Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and what he calls his, ‘Amazon winnings’. Those ‘winnings’ were made on the backs of Amazon workers who are paid a pittance whilst generating the obscene wealth that Jeff Bezos can think of nothing better to do with than to ejaculate it into space [2].

It took until 1999 to establish a minimum wage in law and whilst this was a huge breakthrough, it remains, to this day, less than an individual needs to live on, let alone a family [3].

Slaving away on a wage that doesn’t provide enough to live on is a crime against life, yet it is a crime we are so inured to it barely gets a mention because it is a crime that is reinforced daily in government propaganda and media outlets.

The ingratitude of robber barons like Bezos is an insult to the over burdened lives of those whose labour has brought them untold wealth and their sneering contempt for us is obscene.

Yet underpinning all this is an even greater deception, the purpose of which is to bludgeon workers to accept their lot and continue to slave for the wealth of others. We are told that the national economy is like a household budget, that the government can’t spend more than it has coming in via taxes. That is a self serving lie [4] [5]. Theresa May famously mocked nurses who had been denied a pay rise for eight years by telling them, “There isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want [6]”. What Theresa May knew very well is that there is indeed a magic money tree which her party have now been abusing for ten long years whilst telling us that we are responsible for paying off their profligate spending, calling it a debt which currently stands at over £2 trillion. As a great many people have asked, where has the money gone? Instead of being invested in the real economy of the people, public services and infrastructure, it has been given to the private sector, like the £2 billion Virgin has been given in privatised health care contracts, instead of investing in our NHS [7]. What is absolutely certain is that Richard Branson has never been told he’ll have to wait for his money as there isn’t enough money in the pot to pay him or that there isn’t a magic money tree. There is always enough money because Britain is a sovereign money provider, via the Bank of England, the magic money tree that makes money at need, just as it did for the banks and financial markets when it gave them £445 billion (nearly half of one of those trillions we’re told we have to pay off) of free money, under the cute and deceptive name of ‘quantitative easing’ [8].

Government spending, when invested in people, services and infrastructure creates growth and prosperity which produces a return far in excess of the investment, just as it did in the post war period when the ‘debt’ of 270% of GDP was far in excess of the current ‘debt’ of 100.5% of GDP [9] [10]. The problem is that the government is not investing in people, services and infrastructure, the vast majority of government money is being handed to the private sector and the truth is that we, the people, do not owe a single penny to anyone, the debt is entirely bogus, every penny being extorted from us has already gone to wealthy privateers, like Richard Branson, Serco, and the banks and financial markets, etcetera (that’s a privatised etcetera in excess of £2 trillion, just by the by) [11].

Back in 1914 Robert Tressell’s ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ was published, laying out the great capitalist scam we’re still in thrall to and how we vote for our own enslavement. Quite literally, nothing has changed, the scam is thriving appallingly and we’re still voting for it. This is Stockholm Syndrome most foul, voting for those who have taken us hostage, imprisoned in their system of daylight robbery, working for peanuts and voting for the organ grinder whose tune we dance to, none more so than those ragged trousered philanthropists who pretend they are not.

This much is true, we, ordinary people, are all in this together, and the first step towards any possibility of change is believing we’re, factually and in reality, imprisoned. I’m 69 years old and every day of my life has been spent in this economic prison festooned with lies and deception. I see it daily, every time I look at my bank account, it’s right there in pounds and pennies, writ large before my eyes, having spent my life working for the lowest pension and the highest pension age in the developed world. Money should work for us, instead we’re enslaved by it, that’s government policy and state violence against ordinary people.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka KOG. 31 October 2020.














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