Hey Stonewall, don’t worry – I’ve had an idea!

Wake up, Stonewall!

Kay Green

Stonewall – the organisation that lesbian and gay people formed to fight for the right of same-sex attracted people to live full lives, just like everyone else: they weren’t about right or left, they weren’t progressive or conservative or religious or humanist any more than anyone else was. They were just same-sex attracted people who wanted, please, to stop being arrested for being themselves, to be allowed to form and formalise marriage-style partnerships, just like just about everyone else did.

They won. The 2010 Equality Act includes same-sex orientation as a protected characteristic, thus giving them legal protection against the kind of treatment the police used to be paid to mete out, and same-sex marriage was legalised across mainland UK in 2014, and in Northern Ireland in 2020. Probably Stonewall UK’s biggest and most famous battle was against Margaret Thatcher’s infamous ‘Section 28’, which framed teachers telling kids it was…

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