I’ve been and gone and done it now

Live Q and A at 7pm on Wednesday 10th August 2022. Sex in the summer. Left perspective on sex, gender and women’s rights.

Kay Green

Five years of frustration, trying to get “the left” to sort out the appalling ignorance of lefty MPs, activists and groups on the women’s rights issue, on what’s happening to vulnerable women and girls, and to our kids – now, finally, the problems we’ve been trying to amplify have “gone mainstream”. Most people at least know there’s a problem with sports, and a problem with sex-offenders taking advantage of the establishment’s tolerance of self-ID.

But “going mainstream” throws up another set of problems. Women make up over half the population and there are also men, especially gay men, and trans people, who have issues with the way Stonewall et al have pushed “gender identity ideology” — There are as many opinions as there are people who hear about it but for most of that time, only one opinion was allowed in the media.

Trying to talk

I say five years…

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