I have made up my mind

Originally posted on Kay Green:
I’ve had a few friends, both on social media and in real life, getting cross with me lately for giving consideration to all sorts of odd ideas on the situation in Ukraine. On the one hand yes, I know it’s hard to stay calm when something’s suddenly a hot topic,…

No ditch deep enough

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As the UK pulls into position as a world-leader in COVID deaths, as the NHS, the legal system and the economy fall into chaos, as the Home Office scrabbles around trying to retrieve the latest batch of lost files, our PR-dependent government works day and night to keep all media…

Slaves of money

No greater insult or contempt has ever been visited on ordinary working people than the advent of waged work and stealing the fruits of the bulk of our labour and calling it profit. Organised labour has gained us many hard won concessions and protections, but even today a wage does not in any way represent […]

Thousands of people that lost their jobs due to Covid 19 refused Universal Credit and any other help.

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Dear readers its Thursday and I’ve just returned home from the hospital. I managed to get a cancellation appointment for a CT scan for my lungs. Anyway you can imagine my disgust when I saw this article in The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/30/hundreds-of-thousands-who-lost-jobs-in-pandemic-denied-universal-credit I don’t need to tell you…