¡No Pasarán!

I am changing how and in what way I engage with politics. Politics have become as psychologically toxic to life and living as food poisoning is to our physical well being and, like rotten food, modern politics stinks to high heaven and I have no desire to eat the daily crud which oozes from Westminster […]

Depression – the beating of a war drum

No one can say how much depression is a genetically determined condition and how much it is a response to lived experience. Whilst genetics cannot be ruled out, lived experience is something that must be ruled in because depression, like poverty, is a whole lot more than just a personal weakness, problem or failing. If […]

Why do we hide from ourselves?

I have lived with the violence of depression all my life. At 67 I can state categorically that my depression has always been about my occluded self, hidden or buried many many years ago, as far back as my childhood. What was depression but my hidden self screaming to get out? I had no idea […]


Life is incredible, a unique gift of a vast and mysterious universe. Life is not a commodity to be used and abused, taken for granted and treated as if it is expendable. The whole Earth is an amazing ecosystem, located in the sweet spot, the Goldilocks, habitable, zone, of our solar system. Whatever people think […]

Beyond the age of reason

We are not rational creatures, as a descriptor of humanity, we have the potential to be rational, but even attempting to be rational has subjective bias for all sorts of reasons including regional and cultural bias. We also use reason and logic selectively, prejudice is very real, but also irrational. We make no conscious choice […]

Self sabotage

One of the reasons I am in therapy is my unfailing ability to sabotage myself. Three months ago I received my next oncology appointment for the 23 February 2017 at 10:40am. I have the paperwork, it’s written in my diary, I have lost count of the number of times I’ve checked it. On Monday (13th […]

PlAy oN – mental health

As a lifelong sufferer of severe depression I’ve heard, if not heeded, most of the well meaning advice, like, ‘pull your socks up’, ‘exercise’, ‘think about something else’. Etcetera, ad nauseam. In the process of therapy and learning to accept depression as a companion and not an enemy, I had one of those moments that […]