I am an enemy of the state, because the state is my enemy

I am about to be charged for an alleged Pension Credits overpayment of £8365.30 by the DWP for the second time, covering the exact same period as last time in 2014, based on false figures which were proved false by the very information that the DWP provided when I first claimed Pension Credits. In their […]

Universal Credit debit

I have received my PIP decision which is to pay me £214.65 every four weeks, that’s a loss of £95.95 from DLA which was £310.60. All else being equal, and it isn’t, I can take the hit, it’s manageable. My first payment is due on 6 February which means neither DLA nor PIP this month, […]

Culling the nation and all Cameron can do is lie

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,231 Thursday 15 October 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, You are paid by us, tax payers, an annual salary of £142,500. Is that money well spent? Hardly. You have gained your position through deception and politically you pursue an agenda that is fundamentally hostile to the vast majority […]