We are treated as vassals of the state and corporate slaves

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,503 Tuesday 26 July 2016. Dear Mrs May, The people of Britain have been forced against our will to bail out the banks, we have had austerity forced upon us as a result, we have seen a catastrophic rise in opportunistic insecure employment, we have been victimised […]

The Tories favourite weapon, divisiveness

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,420 Monday 02 May 2016. The Tories favourite weapon, divisiveness. Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to use it and alter it for your own needs for your own letter. Website […]

The Tories are obsessed with beating down the poor

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,300 Tuesday 29 December 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, Since 2010 you have successfully worked to demonise and then punish the poor, ably assisted by the media. George Osborne even included an attack on the poor in his 2012 conference speech, “Where is the fairness, we ask, for […]

The politics of envy, invented by the rich who oppress the poor

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,144 Saturday 11 July 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, As I have daily observed and written about your unravelling of this country since March 2012 certain things stick in my mind. They go on what I call my back burner, the place where I put things that aren’t […]

Osborne’s carrots for the rich and sticks for the poor show

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,141 Wednesday 08 July 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, Sitting here writing today feels a lot like standing by the side of the road waiting for a car crash. The only difference is that I know exactly when this car crash will arrive, immediately after the weekly pantomime […]

The poor, the people the Tories love to hate because they deserve it

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,102 Sunday 31 May 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, A fellow blogger wrote in 2014, “It’s truly remarkable that whenever we have a Conservative government, we suddenly witness media coverage of an unprecedented rise in the numbers of poor people who suddenly seem to develop a considerable range […]

Tory Britain, where abuse is ok, from the top down

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,029 Sunday 15 March 2015. Dear Mr Cameron, What an interesting day, nearly 900,000 signing a petition to reinstate someone who was reported as racially abused his producer, thumping him, thus necessitating a trip to A&E and about which an incredibly ignorant and stupid woman claimed that […]