Apparently strikes and protests are anti democratic, whilst hit squads to suppress them aren’t

30_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,133

Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Government hit squads to counter a wave of summer strikes Mr Cameron? Like Iain Duncan Smiths sanctions ‘regime’, this is the language of dictatorships, not whatever shreds of democracy we may have left in the UK. Mind you, we already have hit squads in every town, they’re called Jobcentre Plus and they are devastating the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

Let me remind you that your so called majority was achieved by less than 25% of the electorate due to our antiquated voting system which really isn’t fit for purpose if we want such a thing as democracy.

Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock said you’re ready to use the crisis response Cobra system to make sure that people can get on with their lives. Well, we are divided by a common goal then, because that is exactly what the Anti-austerity march was all about and what the strikes are all about.

Your ideological austerity is ruining the lives of millions and people are in crisis. Iain Duncan Smith daren’t publish the facts on benefit related deaths because they are likely to exceed even our worst fears.

Severely disabled people have been hit 18 times harder by cuts and sanctions than the average UK citizen and people are living in fear of Osbornes next wave of cuts due to be announced in his coming ’emergency’ budget on July 8th. It is certainly looking like it will be an emergency budget, taking the poorest and most vulnerable people off life support and throwing them to the wolves. Of course there will be no Cobra meeting about that crisis because it’s government policy.

It seems we can afford up to £23.4 billion for replacing the Trident nuclear weapon system which no sane person would ever deploy, but we cannot afford to feed our own people. Severely disabled people can be abandoned through want of the support they need to live an independent life whilst Osborne sells off state assets which the Office for Budget Responsibility has said will not improve the public sector balance sheet as ‘What’s gained in sales receipts is lost in future earnings’.

It seems your demolition derby on our way of life, even our right to life, isn’t anti-democratic but standing up for it is. Hancock called the 250,000-strong anti-austerity demonstration a “protest against democracy.” People exerting their right to peaceful protest is democracy, it’s Hancock’s hit squads that are anti-democratic as is your ongoing war on the poor.

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