I remember my first encounter with voyeurism in a penny arcade in Weymouth, I must have been all of eight years old. As much as anything else it was the machine itself that was exciting, all wood and brass, with a mysterious eye piece, revealing, for the price of a penny,  ‘What the Butler saw’. The grainy images were a glimpse into a hidden world of naughtiness, which, considering my age, were useful additions to my young arsenal of forbidden things, like ‘Bum’ and ‘Pee Hole’.

I have a couple of  old  cameras, a  Yashicaflex and Yashica 635, as exciting to me as that arcade machine, and in handling then yesterday decided to try a shot through the view finder to see what came out and was transported back to that day in Weymouth.

I was delighted to discover the feeling of capturing the mood of those long ago memories.

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