Austerity is robbery pure and simple

24_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 955

Wednesday 24 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I recently received a letter from a debt agency demanding I pay the full outstanding amount immediately despite regular payments to them with not a single payment either missed or late.

My response was neither tongue in cheek nor frivolous. I pointed out that given the extraordinary generosity of the public in bailing out the banks (not that we were consulted or given a choice), the boot was rather on the other foot and that not only am I not in debt to the bank but am, in fact, in credit by a considerable amount and that I looked forward to their repayment to me at their earliest convenience.

However, there is another issue involved here, that of demanding money from people that they do not have. Had I the money to pay off a debt I would do so with alacrity. Debt isn’t fun, it’s not a silly game I play for my personal amusement and I have been at some pains to make those regular payments as the only way I can clear the debt. I do not have a wad of spare cash sitting around, so a demand to clear the debt immediately is quite simply ridiculous and, indeed, taking the piss; they cannot have what I haven’t got. If they take it to the next level, that of sending bailiffs round, they will be met with a very assertive denial of entry and told to sling their hooks.

As a nation we have been robbed blind and, astonishingly, not only do you expect us to take that on the nose, but to continue to pay through the nose for having been robbed, because that is exactly what your austerity is.

The latest stunt on the table from your government is to charge people for challenging being stripped of their benefits by you and your government. You already charge up to £250 for employment tribunals and that’s one hell of a figure to demand of the destitute. I wonder what ridiculous amount you plan to charge people who have been stripped of their income to have their cases heard by a tribunal? I am daily amazing at the incredible generosity of the general public that they accept daylight robbery with such sanguine tolerance. Not only that but RBS (bailed out for £46 billion) has sidestepped the bonus cap by rewarding their ten top executives with almost £5.5m in shares this year despite having squandered and lost all our bailout money.

The banks are rewarded for screwing us and you are just screwing us some more. It is long, long overdue that people, en masse, just told the entire rotten lot of you to stick your demands where the sun don’t shine, as I will be telling the silly debt agency when they come back to me. The last election poll of 2014 suggests you have 29% of the vote for next years general election which means there is still an inordinate amount of stupid in this country.

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