The aristocracy of theft

28_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 988

Wednesday 28 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hardly know what to write about today, not because I have nothing to say, but because I don’t know what to do about a rigged game in which the lives and considerations of ordinary people are not only routinely ignored, just as these letters are, but are sacrificed for the wealth and prosperity of the criminal few.

Our lives are ruled by robbers whose only objective is to take more away from us and own everything, including our lives as stock, human resources and servants of wealth. Why else are the crooks who crashed the markets not in jail along with you politicians who forced us to bail them out?

As we approach what may well be the most confused general election in our history, the only thing that is clear is that it’s a well orchestrated ocean of lies and propaganda. It is meant to be confusing. It’s a ridiculous silly charade being played out by people who know exactly what they are doing at the expense of ordinary people.

The government of this country is a business scam intent on impoverishing the people, driving working and non working people into poverty and reaping the rich rewards. It would be a sop to our dignity to think that we are being used as a meal ticket, but we aren’t, the meal ticket is already guaranteed, we are being used to fill coffers that are already full to overflowing.

It’s all an extravagant party to which ordinary people are not invited but at which ordinary people are paid a pittance to be servants; cooking, washing up, handing out canapés and booze and providing lavish meals for the self serving elite few.

You had the appalling arrogance and gall to announce your regime of permanent austerity for us at the lavish Lord Mayors state banquet with not a word for the all the hard working people who paid for it and prepared and laid it all out for you and who catered for your every extravagant desire. Pictures from the event show you to be completely sated and, what appeared to be, drunk and nearly insensible.

Our NHS, our welfare system, our front-line services, our national infrastructure, paid for and built by us, is being stolen from us to enrich the few whilst you demonise us and abuse us for our generosity, treating us as scroungers to reward the greatest scroungers on earth whilst sanctioning and starving us to death.

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