Arise the sleeping giant and throw off the chains that have bound you

06_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,170

Thursday 06 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The left has finally reawakened after many years of hunkering in the darkness of post Thatcher Britain. As she herself put it, ‘Socialism represents an enduring temptation. No one should underestimate Labour’s potential appeal’. No, they really shouldn’t. Nor should anyone ever underestimate the brutality of the right (as Thatcher so ably demonstrated) to put labour down and by that I mean not just the party which arose to represent labour on February 27, 1900, but the battle to hold workers down and exploit them for profit.

Keeping labour down, to firmly know its place, is as normal as our world renowned love of a good ‘cuppa’, it abides with all the enduring power of religious dogma reinforced constantly by the relentless tabloid ravings of the Mail, Sun and Express with their rabid attacks at the merest hint of Union action to better the lot of workers. So successful is this dogma that workers attack workers if one faction gets uppity enough to demand a better deal. ‘Why should ‘they’ hold the nation to ransom and get a better deal than us?’ they cry with never a thought for the irony of holding others down to their own mean ambitions to stay on the bottom.

Businesses and corporations walk off with billions in profit and it is accepted without question that they have the right to pay their workforce less than is required to eke out even the meanest existence without tax payer help. Osborne introduced a new minimum wage of £7.20 an hour from next April but renamed it a ‘living wage’ and a grateful workforce doffed its docile cap and said, ‘Thankee kindly good master’ in ever such ‘umble gratitude. Rhys Moore, director of the Living Wage Foundation, trumpeted, ‘We are delighted that the announcement made in the Budget this lunchtime will see over 2.5 million workers receive a much needed pay rise. This is a massive victory for Citizens UK and those communities, workers and business leaders who have campaigned for a Living Wage since 2001’. It was a masterpiece of deception by gorgeous George as he basked in smug self satisfied glory to the lunatic capering of Iain Duncan Smith shouting, ‘Fantastic!’. Of course what George gives with one hand he takes away with the other, cutting tax credits which support businesses paying poverty wages, but its workers who pay the price, as always.

The rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn, to the utter dismay and horror of everyone on the right, including those within his own party, has seen the arousing of the sleeping giant, those whose hearts yearn for social justice, decent housing and fair rents, equality for women, an end to the execrable bedroom tax, a tax funded National Health Service, an end to the insane privatisation of the state, bringing back rail and energy to public ownership, an end to austerity, protection at work, abolishing student fees and much more besides. Socialism has returned asserting its ‘enduring temptation’ for a better world, putting people before profits. It is your party that is dragging us backwards to a post Victorian nightmare, the real left is going forwards.

Arise the sleeping giant and throw off the chains that have bound you.

Standing to deliver

3 thoughts on “Arise the sleeping giant and throw off the chains that have bound you

  1. Even if Corbyn is not ultimately successful in 2020, he’s at the very least highlighted the case for natural justice in all areas of life.

    He’s given people hope again.

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