It is ordinary people who pay the price for war

02_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,273

Wednesday 02 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Here’s a thing. When the banks performed their global heist and got the world to pay for their crimes, it was ordinary people who bailed them out, disproportionately hitting the poor who Osborne insists must pay down the banks and the nations debt.

When publicly owned assets are sold off to the private sector it is ordinary people who take the hit for any sweeteners in the sell off price and it is ordinary who pay extortionate price rises to feed corporate profits.

When John Major introduced Private Finance Initiatives he opened the flood gates for another great heist in which ordinary people are currently estimated to owe roughly £222 billion to the private sector and which Joel Benjamin, an ethical finance campaigner at Move Your Money, warned are primarily funded though austerity cuts.

You have called for a parliamentary vote on air strikes against ISIL, or whatever you want to call them, in Syria. Here is the thing. It is ordinary people who pay for war, it is our young who fight and die in them and if there is any blowback and an attack on the UK mainland occurs it is ordinary people who will suffer and die.


These are just the tip of an enormous iceberg as you steal our NHS from us, socially cleanse social housing estates for private developers to move in, rob disabled and vulnerable people, sanction the poorest and deprive them of the means of survival as homelessness escalates with 20 million people now living in poverty in Britain.

And you accuse us of having a culture of entitlement and of wanting something for nothing!

I think it is long overdue that we did develop a culture of entitlement and demanded something for everything, the theft, the deceit and lies, the utter abuse and contempt for our lives and for the obscene ingratitude for all that you steal from us as if it is your due and your right. It’s time the poor stopped being the cash cow and cannon fodder for the rich. Go and fight your own war along with everyone else who votes for it and let’s see how you get on without us.

Homelessness epidemic escalates

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