The free markets, a rigged game for private gain at public expense

23_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,351

Tuesday 23 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hear and read a great deal of self righteous indignation and outrage, of the kind: “Why should I (self deluded, hard working, tax payer) pay for ……………. (insert xenophobic hate term of choice).

I also hear and read that the free markets offer value for money, choice, better service, competition and so on, none of which is true in terms of benefits to users. Honesty and advertising are lousy bed partners and never more so than when coming from politicians with an agenda, as is the case with Jeremy Hunt who is seeking to break not just junior doctors but also their union, the British Medical Association (BMA), as a prelude to the full privatisation of our NHS.

I have said many times that the free markets are anything but free, in fact you go to extraordinary lengths to protect and reward them, not least in attacking workers rights and the unions, protecting tax avoidance and evasion, the recent sweetheart deal for Google being but one example, plus corporate handouts of some £93 billion. The so called free markets enjoy enormous welfare handouts and legislative protections and, of course, reward your party richly for your generosity towards them at our expense.

Your much publicised home owning democracy is just another financial scam. Aimed at the social housing sector (fair housing for fair rents), ‘right to buy’ involves a tax give away of somewhere around £12 billion in subsidies, which, keen observers will note, is the same amount as Osborne’s cuts to Britain’s system of social security. As such right to buy can be seen as a transfer of wealth from Britain’s poorest (add xenophobic hate term here …………….) to those in a position to buy and enjoy a hefty state handout into the bargain (though I very much doubt they would describe themselves as benefit scroungers).

I have absolutely no problem with home ownership as such, if people have the wherewithal and the psychological capability to service such a debt, good for them. Under different personal circumstances it is a path I might well have chosen for myself, as it is renting suits my financial and psychological circumstances and my need for a roof over my head despite the ever present insecurity of tenure in the private housing market.

I do not blame or resent anyone taking up ‘right to buy’, but let us not fool ourselves that it is anything other than a rigged market at enormous expense to tax payers and at the cost of secure social housing. The real questions are why you are hell bent on destroying anything that exists as a profitable or none profitable public good and what gives you the right to deceitfully use public money as a cash cow for private gain at every opportunity?–bma-junior-doctors-strike_n_9180156.html

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