1979 Same Roof Rule

Abuse is Abuse

Have you heard of the ‘Same Roof Rule’? No?

Me neither.

That is until mid 2016 when my peadephile brother was jailed for abusing me and five other young girls.

I had carried the secret with me all my life for fear of upsetting the ‘harmonious’ apple cart.  The false image that my parents gave that we were a happy and ‘decent’ family.  I don’t blame my parents, not as such, they were decent people.  It was just in-between the 60s and 70s and nobody really knew whether we had flower power or just anything was ‘acceptable’.

Anyway, without going into too much detail, I was raped and abused almost on a daily basis from the age of about 5 to about 11 or 12.  My parents were on the scene but had their hands full with a family tragedy which almost pushed my mum over the edge.  Poor dad…

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