Parliament’s top official Black Rod displeased by Back To 60’s Flash dance on College Green

Westminster Confidential

The BackTo60 Flash Dancers from pose in front of Henry Moore’s sculpture, Knife Edge.

BackTo60s new guerrilla campaign to highlight the plight of the 50s born women who are waiting up to six years to get their pension took on a new dimension yesterday – and brought the displeasure of Parliament’s top official, Black Rod.

Campaigners engaged Pandora’s Box performers to do a flash mob dance performance on College Green opposite the House of Lords. This is part of a guerrilla marketing campaign that has so far seen images backing the campaign projected onto Parliament and the Bank of England at night and the appearance of campaigning graffiti washed into the pavement outside Portcullis House, the Treasury and the Supreme Court.

Soundtrack: Dave Gammie Film: Manou Bendon Medigang Dancers: Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box Flashmob dance on College Green

But little were they to know that College…

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3 thoughts on “Parliament’s top official Black Rod displeased by Back To 60’s Flash dance on College Green

  1. I am so pleased black rod is displeased. 3.8 million of us are devastated by the lack of notice that our pensions would be delayed and we would be £48K short.

    1. Astonishingly, she earns £93,000, which is over £13 grand more than MPs and I am sure she has a gold plated pension, so her displeasure is the displeasure of the privileged and frankly of no concern, nor even remotely matters.

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