I have made up my mind

You can’t win wars. Unless, that is, you are a shareholder in an arms manufacturer or a political lobbying company.

Kay Green

I’ve had a few friends, both on social media and in real life, getting cross with me lately for giving consideration to all sorts of odd ideas on the situation in Ukraine. On the one hand yes, I know it’s hard to stay calm when something’s suddenly a hot topic, and all kinds of whacky takes are flying around but on the other, there is no point whatsoever of developing an opinion and waving it around if you haven’t first had a good look at some other opinions, and done your best to find out what they’re based on, and what other evidence there might be.

On goodies and baddies

It should be pretty obvious to anyone who’s thought it through that no political conflict is as simple as ‘these are the good guys and those are the bad guys’. That, of course, does not stop us recognising a criminal…

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