If the Tories don’t like being compared to the Nazis, then they need to stop behaving like despots.

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68196_116423458427191_5364492_nApparently the Conservatives are cross about being compared with the Nazis. Mike Sivierat Vox Political wrote about the circumstances of the comparison, which arose on Monday:This ignorant Tory councillor had better try justifying the deaths his party has caused.

This is a government that is currently at the centre of a United Nations inquiry into abuses of the human rights of sick and disabled people, and is also in breach of the rights of women and children, because of their anti-humanist, draconian welfare “reforms”.

Whilst I am very aware that we need take care not to trivialise the terrible events of the Holocaust by making casual comparisons, there are some clear and important parallels with what is happening to sick and disabled people, poor people and those who are unemployed in the UK and the ideological processes in Nazi Germany: events on a socio-political and…

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