The government has no understanding of what constitutes real life

04_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,361

Friday 04 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Lives are so much more than mere assets to be used, abused and discarded on the whim of government. You and your government clearly have no idea of the value and meaning of life which means you have no place as a government.

Everyone works from the cradle to the grave and the majority of that work is unpaid, it is life work. We call much of what children do, play, but there is nothing frivolous in play even though it may appear frivolous because it is enjoyable. Play is the work children do to learn about the world, no matter what form it takes. Children are innate explorers, doers and voracious in their built in appetite for learning. It is a supreme arrogance of adults to consider that children do not begin ‘learning’ until they go to school, just as it is a supreme arrogance for Iain Duncan Smith to presume to dictate that all those who have left formal education have a duty to work and to enforce that through privation and hardship.

What is particularly egregious is that Smith is so utterly ignorant of the value of human life, everything that comes out of him is informed by and reeks of his astounding ignorance. He is an intellectual and psychological pygmy, lacking in any humanity or conscience, surrounded by a coterie of similar pygmies. He attacks sick and disabled people like a rabid dog and, as he has demonstrated so many times, he takes a perverse pleasure in so doing.

Smith’s sanctions regime imposes punishments that no court in the land would ever consider and yet he imposes sanctions without trial and even acts above the law in pursuit of his ideological war on the poor. He appeals court decisions without thought for the cost in his soulless attacks on the most vulnerable in society. His is a relentless crusade of injustice persecuting those for whom just being alive is a daily challenge, it is hard to imagine working harder than the work required to survive against the odds of severe disability, yet these are the very people his inhuman policies target.

In Britain today your government has consistently set tax payers against the poor, the unemployed, the sick and disabled. I hear on an almost daily basis some fool complaining about why he (predominantly) should be paying for those who are in need of the safety net of Britain’s system of social security. What such people fail to realise is that we pay more in stealth taxes than we pay in income tax, people on benefits are still tax payers, and of the 100% of their income that they must inevitably use to survive on benefits around 30% is paid in taxes. Poor people do not avoid taxes, that is the privilege of companies like Google, who exploit both the tax system and the nation in avoiding contributing to the system that sustains their businesses. Such companies and all tax avoider’s and evaders, who Osborne so diligently protects, are the real scroungers in Britain, but Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne just seem to get their jollies attacking the poor and most vulnerable people in Britain whilst encouraging others to do the same.

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