Crabb to deploy smart strategies against sick and disabled people


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,431

Thursday 12 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Isn’t this just juicy? We had ‘stock’ from Iain Duncan Smith, ‘swarms’ from you and now we have ‘cohorts’ from Stephen Crabb. Cohorts of inconvenient sick and disabled people.

Having told parliament less than two months ago, “we have no further plans to make welfare savings beyond the very substantial savings legislated for by Parliament two weeks ago, which we will now focus on implementing,” Crabb has announced that he is going to deploy, “smart strategies’ for reducing disability and sickness benefits.”

What will this deployment involve against the cohorts of the most vulnerable I breathlessly wonder? Trebuchets? Bolt guns? Snipers? Gas chambers?

Have any of you got a single clue about the realities of the world outside of your mentally defective world of wealth and privilege?

In February Britain’s richest MP, Richard Benyon, called our system of social security the ‘something for nothing’ welfare state, this despite his being in receipt of £120,000 a year in housing benefit as a property owning landlord. I am very sure his personal wealth of £110 million is working for him, rather than sitting idly by in a very large shoe box. I wonder what labour he expends in ensuring it provides whatever substantial returns it produces? Something for something or something for nothing?

Let’s not forget that it was Benyon’s family business, as part of a consortium, who bought up the New Era social housing estate in Hoxton, London, with plans to ramp up the rents to ‘market prices’, from £640 a month for a two bed property to up to £2,400 a month. It led to a bitter battle against economic social cleansing, which tenants eventually won, no thanks to the Benyon family business or the cohorts of property speculators out for a killing.

There is a supreme arrogance in wealth speaking to poverty, it has a long history, and it is an arrogance which gives rise to utter brutality and punitive action against what it sees as the unworthy, grasping, poor. Your government is no different, blind sided, as you are, by extreme prejudice if not outright hatred of the poor. Prince Philip even expressed,  “I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” Clearly he was not talking about his own family’s contribution to the problem. Perish the thought, eh?

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