The relentless rise of social democracy


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,483

Monday 04 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There has been a great deal of media coverage of the alleged rise of right wing extremism, and certainly Nigel Farage was triumphant about nationalism. “We have done it without a bullet being fired,” he trumpeted, a heinous insult to the memory and family of Jo Cox.

Britain is certainly in turmoil, not least from 6 years of imposed austerity and relentless fear mongering and manufactured division from politicians and the media alike and if people are angry, they have good reason to be with the most divisive, right wing, god awful government in our history.

If we look beyond the news and all the lies and spin, however, something very different is going on. The latest news from the Trussell Trust is that they now have a network of 424 foodbanks and in 2015/16 they saw a  2% increase in foodbank use, handing out 1,109,309 three-day emergency packages to people living below the bread line. What that means in real terms is that whilst those suffering under your brutal austerity are still on the increase, so too are the number of people who are donating more food than ever for those in need.

Of course this is not news, it doesn’t have the same ‘wow’ factor as the relentless dismal stories so beloved of the main stream media who profit from doom and gloom and yet do nothing about it.

The coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn has gained much media attention and much of the reporting has suggested that he is an unelectable throwback to old fashioned socialism by those with a vested interest in pursuing a right wing political agenda. Corbyn is responsible for an unprecedented rise in support for socialism and social democracy, which had taken a beating from Margaret Thatcher onwards such that it looked as though socialism and social democracy were all but dead. Corbyn has proved that socialism is very much alive and well and what he represents is the worst nightmare of pretentious neoliberal apologists of all political persuasions.

The more Corbyn is opposed the more people come out to support him, as seen this weekend with thousands attending rallies across the nation. That’s real time feet on the streets in support of social democracy and people have had enough of the sneering disdain which self serving politicians have for the people. We are certainly a nation in turmoil, but it is a necessary turmoil and I hope all you right wing neoliberals are quaking in your boots, because you damned well should be.

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