This lamentable green and pleasant land


I spent last evening with friends at a barbecue where I was gently reminded what a green and pleasant land Britain really is.

This image I took is neither unusual or rare in Britain, it is the norm for most of these islands.

Britain sits on a sweet spot on the planet, a goldilocks spot, where the conditions for life are not just right, but pretty much perfect.

Travel any distance in Britain and you’ll find yourself travelling in a land which is predominantly green. Perhaps we travel too fast or are too preoccupied to properly notice, but it’s right there if we just glance sideways.

Many people think that Britain is overcrowded and have an urban mind set when in fact only 6.8% (2012) of Britain is urbanised yet 80% of people live in towns and cities, and not seeing the trees and lush greenery for the tarmac, bricks and mortar is a big problem, not least on immigration.

The empty but angry anti-migrant rhetoric which the right wing media and the government so delight to promote, is by no means restricted to Britain, it is exactly the same in America, yet when you consider the vastness of America by comparison, you get a feel for just how mind numbingly stupid it is. Another obvious similarity between Britain and America is that we are both mongrel nations, the only difference being that our mongrel history is just very much longer than that of the USA which we helped mongrelise into its current existence. In fact, the irony of mongrel Britain mongrelising America is not wasted on the first nations, who are the people who have paid the most bitter price for immigration, but whose genuine complaints are ignored to this day.

Of course urbanisation is related to work in which the Industrial Revolution played no small part, destroying cottage industries and forcing internal migration of people desperate for work as factories wiped their home grown industriousness out. What they discovered was an entirely new world of exploitation, of poverty and brutal conditions including work houses, whilst the new industrial barons amassed huge fortunes on the backs of their impoverished work forces.

Lest we forget, we are all inheritors of the past, whether we live in luxury or penury. Our struggles in Britain today are nothing new. What is new and astonishing, is that a system of exploitation which has survived for centuries and would have quietly continued for who knows how long, has been abandoned for naked greed and we now have a government which is, gloves off, tearing Britain apart for profit, consigning millions to ever increasing poverty and ten of thousands to early graves. Welcome to food bank Britain.

To describe the Tories as mad bastards would be a kindness, but they are not mad, they are vicious, uncompromising thugs in a country fit for all but denied to the many for the benefit of the extremist, grasping, few.

Wandering, relaxing and eating in green pastures in good company, gave me space to lay down my own burdens for a few hours and yet served as a vivid reminder of just how badly wrong life in Britain has become for millions of people and especially those who lack the succour of even a few precious hours release.

In 2015 £13 billion worth of perfectly edible food was thrown away as waste in this, one of the top ten wealthiest nations on the planet, yet instead of being the Goldilocks nation and a land of plenty, we have been driven into an Oliver Twist nation with millions in need of a crust to eat. It is no fault of the people that millions have no access to work, decent pay, land or resources, it is driven by government policy, knowingly, wilfully, deliberately, purely for self serving (and corporate) greed.

There are no possible excuses, no mitigating factors, we exist as many for the many by the very act of living. To be denied a place on Earth by those for whom greed is their master is a crime of unimaginable proportions in imposed suffering for absolutely no reason other than their xenophobic callousness and hateful greed.

There is enough for all and the serious business of fighting back is gathering pace at an enormous rate to drive the Tories out because they are not fit anything other than the scrap heap of history.

We shall recover, but not until they are gone.

KOG. 12 July 2017

One thought on “This lamentable green and pleasant land

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