The rich rewards of treachery


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,426

Saturday 07 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I confess that I was completely taken aback to discover Lynton Crosby had received a knighthood. It made me realise I had a bit of personal bias going on. Of course you’d knight the guy, his contribution to the election of the unelectable is second to none. That Britain has allowed you to even remain a party, let alone have a small majority in parliament, is nothing short of a miracle, a triumph of PR and spin over sense and reason.

You must be utterly delighted to have fooled so many people when voting Conservative is actually like paying someone to rob you. It’s an astounding achievement.

People complain about voter apathy, and it is a shame that people are so mistrustful, confused, disdainful or possibly apathetic about politics that they don’t vote. But what’s really astonishing is that enough people got up and went out of their way to go to polling stations and actually vote for a party that is taking the nation apart piece by piece, brick by brick, life by life and which legislated to end the states duty to provide universal health care and is privatising our NHS. Seriously, that’s like hedgehogs voting for a massive road expansion scheme.

Why wouldn’t you reward a master of the dark arts of social manipulation like Crosby? The tragedy is that you hired him, paying his firm some £2.4 million, to wilfully and knowingly deceive millions.

From time immemorial, this nation has grown on the back of ordinary people, the unsung, unassuming, unseen and unheard, loyal, hard working British public. They are the real heroes, just as junior doctors and nurses and legions of supporting staff are the heroes of the NHS, shift working 24/7, 365 days a year, just as firemen and women are heroes ready to risk their lives daily to save others every minute of every day.

No knighthoods or gongs for ordinary people. Just austerity, hardship and vilification from a government that rewards the rich and sneers at all those who live lives of quiet desperation, making their lot ever harder. Tell me, when you’re being served at the banquets you attend, do you ever thank those who serve you or those who produce the gastronomic wonders you stuff yourself with or do you just expect it as your right and due for being an over privileged, over priced, traitor to this nation?

Why we need a political campaign to reinstate the NHS

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